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VideoWOW - Alpaca Cake Pops

Alpaca Cake Pops

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1 9x5' chocolate loaf cake
1/2 cup chocolate frosting
300 grams melted white chocolate
Lollipop sticks
1 cup coconut flakes
Edible ink pen

Crumble the chocolate cake into very fine crumbs. Add the chocolate frosting and mix until fully combined. Shape the cake into 10-12 cylinders, squeezing at the tops to create two ears. Place on a plate lined with plastic wrap and place in the freezer until firm, 20-30 minutes.
Stick a lollipop stick into some melted white chocolate and insert into the bottom of each cake pop. Return to the freezer until the chocolate has fully set, about 10 minutes.
Working quickly, dunk the cake pops into the white chocolate and fully cover the surface. Immediately roll in coconut flakes and completely cover the surface. Transfer to a cake pop stand and then place in the fridge until the chocolate and coconut are stiff, about 20 minutes.
Use the remaining melted chocolate to draw the faces and ears of the llamas, then return to the fridge to chill until the chocolate has fully set. Draw the eyes, noses and eyelashes (optional) with an edible ink pen. Tie a ribbon around each cake pop to look like scarves and enjoy!

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